Dwaarkill Rod and Gun Club Inc.
Incorporated August 21, 1947
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Currently Dwaarkill Rod and Gun Club Inc. Is accepting membership applications.
Click on the PDF application file and join. GunClubApplication.pdf 
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Regular Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. at the clubhouse.

Application for Membership:

Applications are available here : GunClubApplication.pdf or at the club house.

You must submit an application to the Board of Directors in order to be considered for membership. Your application must be presented by you and your sponsor at a Board meeting. Make sure your application is complete. New members are voted in by the membership. Use of club property is only for current club members and there guests.Your application places you on a waiting list where consideration is based on member openings. 

Club Sponsor Requirement:

You must have a sponsor in good standing listed on your application who is willing to vouch for your character and present you to the Board.

N.R.A. Requirement:

All members are required to be an ongoing N.R.A. member. The N.R.A. offers various membership options and payment plans from annual to Benefactor.

Click on icon to join or renew your NRA membership

You are considered to be on probation for your first year of membership.
Your first renewal is subject to Board approval.
All members are subject to discipline by the Board for violation of club rules and policies.